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Oakville Real Estate

Are you ready to purchase your dream home in the Oakville Real Estate Market? Or are you looking to sell your home and cash in on the great market right now?

Either way, you owe it to yourself and your wallet to contact Oakville Real Estate Top Agent – Chantal Ross of Remax Escarpement. Chantal and her team have over 15 years experience and hundreds of very satisfied sellers and buyers. The reason why they are so appreciated in the Real Estate Market in Oakville is they truly care about provide their clients with the best experience possible. Their Customer Service feedback is impressive and the best I have ever seen. Their negotiation skills are tough and fair and simply Outstanding. They are a team that truly works for their clients to provide you top dollars for your home sale or the lowest price possible for the purchase of your new home.

The House Marking in Oakville has been on a steady gain for the last several years. According to the Oakville, Milton and District Real Estate Board, the Oakville Market has risen by 17.35% in the last year. This growth is fueled by the scarcity of the inventory in and around Toronto according to the NY Times. According to Financial Experts in Toronto, the Oakville Real Estate Market will stay ‘hot’ but is projected to stay in the mid teens for price increase instead of the 20%+ that was experienced in 2016.

Is it time to invest in this market? Our sentiment is Yes! Because the market isn’t showing any signs of slowing down and the home prices keep rising. Hence, instead of renting a home or condo, you are much better off buying a home and benefit from the low interest rate that comes with this incredible market. Imagine you buy a home for $800K. And you live in your home for 5 years and the home prices keep going up, say 10% a year… get your calculators out, because your home will be worth a good amount of money when you sell it in 5 years.

Some of my clients worry that because the homes in Oakville and area are higher priced than the previous year, that buying a home right now might put a strain on their budget… and my answer is always: well, that may be the case for a little while… but I recommend thinking of what you will have attained in 5 years rather than the small sacrifices you may need to make during that time. When you are ready to start finding your perfect home, contact me at 905-339-7537

Now if you have a home already and you are ready to sell your house, I highly recommend you contact our office for a Free Home Evaluation. We are experts are in Home Evaluation in Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Mississauga and would love to be able to put our expertise to work for your sake and your family’s sake. We are tough negotiators for our clients when it comes to buying a home and we are as tough when representing our clients when it comes time to sell their home. We understand that you have worked all your life to be where you are now because we have had to walk the same terrain for ourselves and our families. We promise to do you right and to make you proud.

The Oakville Real Estate market continues its historic run. It is time for you to get in as the market just continues to appreciate, appreciate, appreciate.

The Toronto real estate market as a whole has seen home pricing rise now for well over ten consecutive years with no end in sight. Even though all area markets are seeing growth and are setting records for average home selling price Oakville continues to outperform them all. No market in the Toronto metroplex has seen the percentage growth that Oakville has. Oakville however is not just another real estate market. Oakville sets itself apart with its historical significance, its long and storied history, its adjacency to the water and the multitude of highly valued historical homes and architecture which many date back well over one hundred years. You simply can get in the  Oakville Real Estate market what you cannot get in any other Toronto market. But with this said you must at times pay much more to get it. But you are getting much more for your money. When you purchase a home-site in Oakville you truly are making an investment. An investment that should almost certainly pay off handsomely over time.

The vast majority of the other markets are the typical new build markets. These markets are somewhat a generic copy of the others; very small lot sizes, the land has been stripped of all beauty-all vegetation is usually removed to ensure the ease of manufacture and the maximization of homes on a parcel, a subdivision that has a thousand homes may only offer three different home designs, the homes are built almost on an assembly line with not the highest quality of materials. The areas seem to be home factories where they manufacture and sell as quickly as possible while they attempt to maximize the profit that the parcels of land can produce by stuffing as many homes as possible into the plot of land. This creates a very bland and unappealing home environment. It might seem a harsh assessment but to me it is like they are not really building homes at all but are manufacturing boxes to hold people in.

This is quite a contrast to what you experience in Oakville. Wooded lots with significant vegetation is very normal. Streets lined with beautiful mature trees create a very homey atmosphere. Oakville actually has several regulations and ordinances that strictly limit the cutting of tress and vegetation as the city is very vigilant in its effort to maintain its beauty. Also, there are strict ordnances policing the historical homes which regulate one’s ability to  demolish, remodel or remove a historical home. So, if you are in the market for a new home and are looking to make a sound investment decision then the Oakville Real Estate market is a wonderful place to make your home.

It is true that your initial investment in a home may very well be higher in Oakville but remember investing in Oakville is an investment not an expense. So, have vision and play for the long-term profits. There simply is no other real estate market that can outperform Oakville.

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