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For many, the current housing market is an opportune time to take advantage of a rarely seen period in which both the buyer and seller can benefit from a home sale. However, before you take the significant step of putting your home up for sale you should really take the time and make the effort to understand your home’s value in the current market.

So, if you are considering putting your home on the market then I strongly recommend that you find a reputable realtor that will provide you with a Trulia home value. There are so many variables that must be factored in when drafting the equation that will calculate your home’s value. Many of these factors are dependent on the current real estate market dynamics and can rapidly change.

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Do you currently live in a desirable location that is seeing significant demand? Remember, just because the overall market is strong this does not necessarily mean that your home is located in a subdivision or area that shares that strong demand. Also, how many bedrooms does your home have? How many bathrooms? Do you have a pool? What is the square footage of your home? What school district is your home located in? What is the rating of your school district? The answers to all of these questions are even more questions will be evaluated when you find out your property value. This will largely determine the appropriate listing and expected sale price for your home and will also help to anticipate the days on the market required to sell your home.

Do not be misled, much of licensed real estate professionals do not provide this type of service and most do not even go to the trouble of doing this type of deep analysis of the market and of your home. The majority will simply run some comparable sales numbers for homes with like square footage that has sold in your area. This is a benchmark that should be considered but is hardly the comprehensive evaluation that a No Cost Home Evaluation will provide.

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A comprehensive home evaluation takes time and resources for the realtor. Simply put, most realtors just do not want to put this much effort into a sale of a home. Their goal is to be signed as your realtor, list your home on the MLS and other job boards and then look for the next listing. They see a home evaluation as a time killer while a consummate professional realtor sees a Home Evaluation at no cost as a way to better serve their homeowner and as a longer-term strategy to provide the highest level of customer service. They also understand that in the end a home evaluation usually can lead to a more accurately priced home which will sell faster and for the right price.

When you are searching for the right realtor for you. One that has your best interests in mind. Make certain that you partner with one who provides a home evaluation as a service.

If you are looking to hire an Expert Oakville Real Estate Agent that can provide you with an absolutely FREE, no kidding, Home Evaluation and provide you with the Service you deserve in either Purchasing or Selling your Home, please contact Chantal Ross at 905-339-7537. Chantal and her team have been voted Oakville’s Most Trusted Realtor two years in a row.

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